Seeking advice about my robots URM32's code.

I am Seeking advice about my robots URM32's code and the electronics setup. I am currently in the process of building a fullscale R2D2 styled robot I have called R0D0 as it is supposed to be retro looking like a great great grandfather astromech driod. I have 3 x Urm32 sensors setup on home made servo driven Pan/tilt mechanisms. There are several things I need advice on to acheive the result I want from this code,

setup of wiring loom and pin assignments from both robodruino to sensors and the serial connection from robodruino to arduino best practises and recommended methods for my processors and attached sensor devices taking in to account all loads and tolerances. (I am concerned my setup is asking too much of my robodruino somehow, 3 sensors and LCD drawing too much or data stream overloading serial port perhaps?)

optimise the distance measuring and streaming serial data values loop / routine.

write code to enable the temperature function for each sensor to stream the values via serial along side the existing distance value.

effectively impliment the servo control functions I have written of each sensor relative to its pan/tilt unit within the limitations of the locations.

optimise the sure 24x16 led code I have written to represent/visualise the distance value and ping sonar wave shape similar to the chart in my other post.

If you are interested to help message me and I will send you the code for the led display, The code for my distance measuring and wiring diagram is already posted in another thread about running multiple Urm32's here. Any constructive advice would be apreciated. Padwan Learner in the ways of the Arduino, Adz.