Seeking advice for Light To Sound project

I need advice for the following project -
I want to have laser sources on a one wall. The rays of light hit the opposite wall.
When you break the ray (so that the ray does not go to the other side) you hear a sound.
This will be just a one note.
Each ray is of a different colour and when you break the ray it plays its corresponding note.

I need to be able to play notes simultaneously, so if I break let’s say three rays it will play three notes at the same time.
Finally on a screen I will show what notes need to be played.
Can you give me guidance how to achieve this?

That would be similar to a laser harp. Google "arduino laser harp" for examples.

How many colors of visible-light laser can you get? All of the ones I see readily available are Red, Blue, or Green.

I can give an advice for audio playback at least. I have Arduino Music Player project in GitHub that’s able to mix >32 instruments on MKR at good sampling rate (44KHz+) and supports the 10bit DAC on MKR boards. It’s able to play the instrument at different notes and also supports multi-sample instruments if needed.

Thank your for your replies. It is a good point John and I am not sure what to do with that one. Perhaps Laser is not the best option? What I was after is guidance as to what circuits I will need for this project.