seeking Arduino consultant for solar appliance

We have a solar appliance that needs to track the sun accurately. We have the sensors, but we need the "brains" to read the sensors and keep the appliance pointed at the sun.

Maybe someone who has programmed robots successfully could handle this.

The appliance is in China near Hong Kong, but the consultant could be based anywhere.

I have a more complete description which I can send to anyone interested in the job.

If you are interested, please send me an email, and I will send the more complete description.


Rick Graves

On average you need to rotate 15 degrees per hour, you could make 15 steps of 1 degree in an hour and adjust every 4 minutes.

Moving the panel in short steps costs less energy as constantly updating the position. An error of 1 degree will have less than 0.1% effect on the incoming radiation. Fluctuations due to clouds are larger.

I'm interested, sent you an email


Your idea is interesting for the East-West rotation.

But the dish also needs to track the sun up and down.

For the East-West rotation, I am not sure you are right. The dish rotates about a vertical column. That is, vertical relative to gravity at the dish’s location. The dish would not be on the North or South Pole, so there would be an angle between the dish’s axis of rotation and the earth’s axis. And of course the earth’s axis is something like 23 degrees off the axis of the earth’s rotation around the sun.

Our sun position sensor does work. In actual use, the sensor system adjusts the East-West direction a couple of times each minute only, briefly (for a second or so). So the system is not in motion continuously. I have seen the system work with a “Basic Stamp” from Parallax as the brains.

The clouds issue is covered in the more detailed description.


if you place the one motor on the right angle you only need one motor I think.

See - Equatorial mount - Wikipedia -

it is used on telescopes to make tracking of a star possible with one motor movement.
The last time I looked the sun was a star so.... :wink:

and yes the angle differs per day about 0.26 degree on average
(simplified math) Sun goes from the tropic of Cancer to the tropic of Capricorn (~47 degrees apart) in 182.5 days
==> 47/182 ~~> 0.25
As this motion differs the max speed is guestimated on 1 degree per day.

(so okay you need a send motor for the angle but that needs to run only once per day)