Seeking Arduino/Processing/OF/C++/C Tutor - NYC

Hello friends,

I am seeking a code/physical computing instructor.

My interests are broad, but I suppose they mostly fall under the following categories.

  • Physical interface design
  • Games
  • LED Matrices
  • Data Visualization
  • Synthesis

Feel free to check out my Flickr to get a better sense of the things I build. I have some experience working with Arduino and Processing.

I'm looking for someone who can tutor me in any of the following languages for 1 hr/wk at $30/hr.

I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn and willing to commute to your location for lessons.

Please contact me via PM. Also, if you see this post and know of someone who is really good at code and might be seeking a student, please fwd them this info! I'll be posting this in Gigs and Collaboration section of the forum as well.

Thanks so much!