Seeking bids on project smart target

Goal: Create an interactive target.

This project has become more complex than I had originally anticipated. I've managed to get pieces of working as desired, but I think it would be better if it were coded by a single individual who has a picture of the entire project rather than the bits and pieces I've written and or modified heavily from their original sources. There are several components to the project and each is available for bid, but for now i'm looking to get a functional prototype up and running. At some point I'd like to engage who is competent at circuit design and get all the various components designed into a single board, as well as someone who can write apps for ios and android as well as windows, all but that comes later.

for a general overview of the kind of thing I envision there is an example of a similar concept here:

The project is relatively simple in nature, and thus far has been an exercise in integrating various off the shelf hardware to achieve the desired result. [u]Hardware:[/u]

  • 1xArduino Nano Every
  • 1x128x32 oled matrix .91"
  • 3x12V servos
  • 1x12V DC gearmotor
  • 3xsound sensor modules
  • 1xcytron motor driver
  • 1xhc12 rf module
  • 2xlimit switches

additional components (2x i2c 16 channel multiplexer) connected to 4x8 position dip switches hc, inverting schmitt trigger IC (as needed to reverse digital high/low)

Brief: The concept is a steel target (and associated frame). The target communicates with a base station (which is actually just a bridge from the 433mhz band of the hc-12 to bluetooth). The base station will send serial commands in a predetermined "packet" like format including sender id, controller id, command, etc. the target determines if the command if valide (intended for it, sent by the appropriate base station, valid command, etc). If the command is valid it will perform the action requested..IE move the target to the "engageable" position, or activate one of the 3 servo motor "accessories" and send a confirmation back to the base station. The target "listens" for hits, and reports them back to the base station. The base station will connect to any bluetooth capable device and relay the serial commands back and forth between the clients device of choice (via our software) and the target. There has naturally been some feature creep, but nothing out of hand.

For interested parties, more detail including current pinout assignments, packet formats, etc is available, please pm me if you are serious about taking on this scope of work. I've never paid for these kinds of services before and always muddled through on my own, but I'm willing to pay a quality fee for quality work.

Best Regards, Palindrome