Seeking pointers to Dupont pin-making hardware

After several weeks of watching countless Youtube video and many less-than-satisfying attempts to form the "perfect Dupont pin," I finally got out the digital calipers. My female pins are 6.5 mm from the connector strip to the back edge of the barrel that holds the male pin. My Necygoo SN-28B crimpers have a jaw width of 7.2 mm. Seems to explain why one end of the pin or the other is always squished! Can someone recommend specific pins and crimper that are compatible? (preferrably with Amazon prime links; I have a Thanksgiving drop-dead date on this project, and need to move!) Thanks very much!

I just use a small pliers.


Use the IWISS SN-11011 brand here although also have another no name one.

IWISS works the best but with both I find that it is better to use some flat surface long nose pliers just to crimp the end nearest the wire a little more.
Otherwise it doesn't always fully insert in the outer case and lock properly.

Also found it better to have a couple of different crimping tools for other connectors rather than an all in one.


I use this tool QLOUNI Ratchet Wire Crimping Tool Self-adjustable SN-28B Crimper Plier AWG 28-18 for 0.25-10mm² Wire Terminals - -

I do not have a pin preference nor a crimp tool preference.

If you look at the pins, you will see that the pins have a crimp area and a do not crimp area. The male and female pins fit into the crimp tool with differing depths. I find that most of the male pins need to have the rear crimp pins adjusted to being more of a 90. 24g wire works good for practicing, After crimping, the rear portion of the pin may need an additional squeeze with a small pliers so it can fit into the connector body. After crimping, I give the wires a good tug to see if it slips out of the wire.

For a real good time try crimping those 1.25mm pins.

AMP 90277-1 the magic is in practice and balance and a steady hand. oh.. and luck... lots of luck

Adafruit sells a tool. I have purchased many of them for myself and my friends.

It is not perfect. It can't crimp tight enough for very small wires. I usually add solder after crimping.

Sometimes I will use two operations in two different slots in the crimper to make a complete crimp.

I find Ada's prices to often be inflated and some of the same products available elsewhere at much less.


I have a tool from Altho I prefer using their precrimped wires so I don't have to crimp them. They offer male-male, male-female, and female-female precrimped wires in 2, 5, 10, 50, 60-packs of all one color, or rainbow packs. Lengths 3", 6", 12", 24", 36", 60".
They also carry a wide selection of crimp housings.
Pololu - Crimping Tool: 0.08-0.5 mm² Capacity, 20-28 AWG
And they have 100-packs of male and female crimp pins. Definitely the kind of thing that takes practice to get good at.

The tool is great.

Please review this PDF for more information.

I now do a two stage process for crimping these connectors, using the yellow crimper in the discussion above.

First crimp the wire portion, then crimp the insulation portion, takes ~5seconds.

BTW, There are several hints on using Dupont connectors in this thread, however, you will have to hunt for them as there are more than 600 posts to go through.

Pretty sure that's the guide I used to learn LOL.

And as Crossroads says it does take practice.
You do get a feel for when it went wrong too as the compression feels different.