Seeking project examples of two-way RF communication using nRF24L01 and UNO

I am an Arduino rank beginner assigned to program a project with involves an autonomous roaming vehicle controlled by an Arduino (currently using UNO). This UNO must communicate via wireless module (currently using nRF24L01) to fixed controller (another UNO) which also independently operates railway turntables.

We envisage a scenario in which a master controller signals a slave to do something; the slave does that thing; then the slave tells the master that the thing is done.

Firstly, is such possible (I said I am a rank beginner)? Secondly, where can I find code examples from which to learn how this is done?


Try these

I got my nRF24s working with this Tutorial

The pair of programs in this link may be useful.

They require the TMRh20 version of the RF24 library which solves some problems from the earlier ManiacBug version


Thanks robin2 It was your work that enabled me to get this far. :grin:

Thanks zhomeslice :grin:

FTR: the kink to that is to ensure that the RF24 Library you install is, in fact, the TMRH20 library. You just have to look real close when installing the library. Information on how to go about this is available here.