Seeking suggestions for WIFI boards

I have a project that I'm working on and found a WiFi board once online, but somehow failed to find it again. I am hoping that all of you wise men and women would be able to help.

Here's what I would like to find

A wifi enabled board, powered by a battery, which can be connected to a USB to charge the battery while connected to the board. Used to power 3 different sets of LED lights (4, 4, and 12) performing different functions (4 solid, 4 flashing, 12 chasing). I thought I saw something from but not sure.
And it has to fit in the space of 1.5" by 2" by 1" tall (including battery) The cabling will have plenty of room, and the USB connector will have room to charge as well.
I'm looking online as we speak, but I can't seem to locate it again.

Any help would be appreciated.

Take a look at the Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP 8266

I'd think any ESP 8266 (12E) module would work, the smallest would be a generic module which is about an inch square on a breakout board.

The caveat being that the handy programing circuitry provided by the Huzzah, NodeMcu, and Wemos, all of which have a micro usb connector.

A Node MCU is about 2 x 1 inches

You can get a battery shield for Wemos mini. Combine that with a small LiPo battery, that might fit in your available space.

Length 34.2mm (1.35")
Width 25.6mm (1.00")

Thanks all. I'll be sure to check em out and send info to my building buddy

Take a look at the Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP 8266

You can't go wrong with Adafruit.

Regardless of what microcontroller board you get, you will need to add specific hardware drivers for loads that draw higher current like a bank of LED's. Only needing 20 LED's...

Adafruit has drivers for their LED's as well as the Feather Huzzah microcontroller and they all work well together with minimal configuring.