SeeKool ESP-32S ESP32 installation usb driver IDE

I can't get a port connection, it stays grayed out.The chip is 2102. I have downloaded the drivers for 2102/windows. The ESP32 is installed in IDE and is selected as the active board. power light is on .......Any insights?

I'll ask just to have as much information as possible on the table for the helpers to work with: Does it say "CP2102" on it?

Did you install them, or did you only download them?

If you open the Windows Device Manager and then connect your ESP32 board to your computer using a USB cable, do you then see a new item appear in the "Ports (COM & LPT)" section of Device Manager (or any other section for that matter)?

Got it installed i think: COM in the TOOLS menu stays grayed out BUT the ESP32 board and 3COM show up at the very bottom of the IDE sketch page in small type, took a while before I noticed it .

Unfortunately, that is not a sign of success. The Arduino IDE remembers the last COM port you had selected, and shows that port at the bottom of the Arduino IDE window. But that happens even if the COM port is no longer available on your computer, so it doesn't actually mean anything. If you don't see a port in the Tools > Port menu, then you won't be able to upload to your board.

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