Seems a bit draconian

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TTGO T-Call V1.3 ESP32 codice - Italiano / Software - Arduino Forum

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[REGOLAMENTO] Come usare questa sezione del forum - International / Italiano - Arduino Forum

Can someone please help me understand this "regulation" and why it's necessary rather than draconian?

Yeah, we need this in the Anglophone section.


An introduction to Vlad the Impaler would be light punishment for some people who post here.

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Maybe they had some bad experiences with posters.
Translations do not always come over the best either.
If you doubt that check out the german section.

It works for them so we do not question.

I think it's not reasonable to expect someone to spend several days reading before making a simple post, though. Just need a grasp of the main points.

Let me preface by saying that I'm looking to understand and not to change anything.

I completely agree. If I went to the library to use a resource but had to wander the library for several days before I'm allowed to ask for help, then I'd just give up. To me this is very much a "I couldn't give a [expiative omitted] attitude"

This is the part the really bothers me and pretty much says to me that any section moderated by any moderator that works in the Italian section may delete my (or others') replies for a less than necessary reason, so to that point are not worth the time and effort.

One does not cut off their nose to spite their face.

I get sleeping dogs and all, but I think this is a valid question to spark a discussion.

It wasn't really specified, who would do the deletion. The way I read it, maybe other forum users deleting their own replies...

As with all pure text medium with n people there are n+1 ways to read something. I read it as, "If I see anyone reply to this before I see your compliance I will delete it even if it's the answer to your question

I agree that it can be interpreted that way. That would keep you pretty busy doing deletions, though. It would be a full time job.

Why are we talking about the italian section in the ENGLISH section ?
Surely that defeats the purpose of the discussion which should be held in the ITALIAN section !

The moderator has been around a very long time for that section. Surely he knows the ins and outs better than we as primarily English speakers do.

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If someone in the Italian section commits a criminal offense, the whole forum is accused, not just the Italian section. Especially if you find a zealous lawyer.

When you join a community in real life, you usually introduce yourself and try to understand the common rules of that community...

Expecting the same on line is OK by me...

I think it's a good rule and Guglielmo is pretty strict about that ! (I do post from time to time in the Italian forum and a couple time I forgot to check if that was the first post of an OP - got reminded too about the rule!)


As I've tried to say multiple times, it is a question as to the necessity, not a complaint.

it's not necessary, it's an agreed principle for the Italian forum. You disagree ➜ don't join the community there or use the English forum which is more lenient

Fair enough. Even though I have an answer for the question and even though the question pops up on my New Posts page and I have no way to turn it off, I will ignore all foreign language posts from now on.

You can mute forums in your preferences - I've done so for the languages I'm not familiar with and now the only time I see e.g. Portuguese or German is when the OP posts in the English section.

I see that now and will make the adjustment.
Thank you

Why is the Italian spam thread in the Anglophone bar?

Don't worry about it, for the most part moderators stay in the sections for their language. I only involve myself with non-English posts when they are in the English sections, I move them to the appropriate language section. Very often they then get an introduction from the moderator in that language. So, unless you post in Italian @Guglielmo is not likely to apply his rule to you.

Per @wildbill suggestion I have muted all the international sections so it won't be a further issue.