Seems legit

Hi, i really appreciate your response to my email regarding the job listing, i need Ceiling Fans Replacement Installation in my new house in your area and the height is Up to 9’ high ceiling.. I will be moving in from Ireland as soon as the house is furnished.i need replacement of new Ceiling Fans and you will remove the existing Ceiling Fans in my new house in your area, just to remove the old and set the new Ceiling Fans up,i have the new Ceiling Fans that you are going to change in my new house, i need to know when you will be available for the changing of the Ceiling Fans on February 20 /2018 next month since I would not be moving in until it is fully furnished by my Mover. I will make provisions for changing of the new Ceiling Fans equipment and you will have to be fast with the changing of the Ceiling Fans so my Mover can have my properties in to the house and fully furnished before my arrival. I can only afford $500.00 for the changing of the three new Ceiling Fans and for your payment i can only send you a Certified USA Check i wish i can pay you by cash, but for now am not in town am out for a business trip due to my work that's why my bank said they can only mail out Via a Certified USA Check, so I have to follow my bank procedure which I promise you all will work out fine for both of us at the end of this transaction. Kindly bear with me, you are not changing the Ceiling Fans until you get the money okay? so you can get ready the necessary material for the changing of the Ceiling Fans, Kindly get back to me with this below Information's so I can issue you payment to get started ASAP. NAME: ADDRESS: CITY: STATE: ZIP CODE: CELL PHONE The house address will be disclose to you as soon as you get back to me, and the Keys will be sent to your address by my Mover once everything is set. I await your immediate response. Thank you I wish to speak with you but i just had surgery on my neck and the doctors advise me not talk for now, i will give you call when am good here okay but i will appreciate it if you can let us communicate by email for now

Qdeathstar: I will be moving in from Ireland

Makes a change from Nigeria. :)