Segment 7 Clock?

Hello I'm working on a Seven Segment clock at this point i have the hardware build on some wood i can light up each part of the segment it is a 4x7 grid. But what I'm trying to do is get some random blinks or some kind of count down timer i have never done before. I need help on that some pointers to where should i start at can someone help me out please? thank you.

Do you have 4 7 segment displays ? It is not clear from your description. If so how are the segments wired ?

If that is not what you have then can you please describe it in more detail ?

hello heliBob i made the Segment from a whole roll of RGB led Strip common anode. each segment haves 7 pieces each one of the pices are link to the next digit and so forth i don't have a drawing for it. and at the end i have a 2n2222 transistor on it with a 1k resistor going to the arduino. on the +12 of the strip it's 12v i have a P channel mosfet follow by a 2n2222 transtor and 1k resistors going to arduino so i cna control it. Umm so got 7 acorss and 4 down. that is about it.

Sorry if i didn’t make it clear. i do have a image i took from my phone if that will help. i have uploaded a image to the mosfet.


I'm only doing one color of the strip just green. i had this strip laying around collecting dust so i thought might aswell used it so I'm building a clock.