Segment display from a car charger


I have just started my programming journey in to arduino, and i would like to use this segment display. But i dont know if i should try to use the pins from the chip or solder directly to the display.

And apparently i cant upload images.

There we go, the images files where to big.



Sorry, we are going to need proper pictures.

Take the thing out into the daylight but not in full sun, and make sure you frame the whole thing but no excess and it is completely focused. It would be nice if we could see the numbers on the chip, but of course you can simply type them out here.

Sure thing, and here is a picture of the display on the charger.


Sorry for multiple posts.

Gaddamit that dident rotate the img...

OK, well now, a Holtek HT66F25D is described as an "Enhanced A/D Flash MCU with High Current LED Driver" which means it is a microprocessor not unlike the Arduino's Mega328.

It also means that the display itself has its driver chips as COB on the other side where you cannot see (and cannot read what they are)!

Your picture of the whole unit shows that this is not an alphanumeric display like the common "1602" ones but has a custom LCD, so it would be difficult to figure out how to program it.

Interestingly you apparently can re-program the microcontroller if you have the IDE for that device - that would take a bit of research to find. It would be more to the point if you could extract the present code in order to determine how to operate the display. That may be do-able if it is not locked but a lot of work. :astonished:

Okay that might be a little bit to difficult for me, ill put it on a shelf for a while.

Thanks for the answer!

From the image what you provided, it is not 16x2 lcd, because the lcd metal pins only 13 pins, while if an 16x2 lcd, it would be more pins for 16x2 segments and commons pin. your lcd seems like a custom segment lcd, i think you need to check this lcd interface if it is suitable to connect with Arduino board.

Point is, this does not really relate to Arduino. It is a custom reprogrammable MCU just like an Arduino plus a (custom, non-alphanumeric) display. It makes no sense to separate them.