Seial.readbytes issue

so i’m having an issue, i currently have 2 arduinos connected to eachother via two HC-05 modules, and i’m trying to send a byte array 254,X,y,255 where x and y are variable values, im usiong serial.readbytes which displays the correct array 254,X,y,255 for a small amount of tie then it reads the values in the wrong order, it becomes x,y,255,254

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial(4, 5); // RX, TX

byte Packet[]= {254, 125, 125, 255}; //This array holds the packet information

 int sCount = 0; //variable to track timer to stop motor,

//function to stop the motors
void motorStop() {
digitalWrite(8,HIGH);  //Engages Brake Channel A pin
digitalWrite(9, HIGH); //Engages Brake Channel B pin

void setup() {
  //Setup Channel A
  pinMode(12, OUTPUT); //Initiates Motor Channel A pin
  pinMode(9, OUTPUT); //Initiates Brake Channel A pin
  //Setup Channel B
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT); //Initiates Motor Channel B pin
  pinMode(8,OUTPUT);  //Initiates Brake Channel B pin
  mySerial.begin(38400); // Default communication rate of the Bluetooth module
  motorStop(); //motor is at stop at start

void loop() {
  if(mySerial.available()){ //check if data packet is available from Master
    mySerial.readBytes( Packet, 4 ); //read 4 bytes of data and store it in array

Serial.print("0: "); Serial.print(Packet[0]); Serial.print("  ");
Serial.print("1: "); Serial.print(Packet[1]); Serial.print("  ");
Serial.print("2: "); Serial.print(Packet[2]); Serial.print("  ");
Serial.print("3: "); Serial.print(Packet[3]); Serial.print("  ");
Serial.println(" ");


Read Serial Input Basics - Updated and apply the principles. The principles equally apply to software serial as to serial and to bytes instead of chars. You already have a start-byte and a stop-byte; in the above linked post, they are startmarker and endmarker.

Assuming the code you showed is the receiver, get rid of the delay.

Show the code for the transmitter so we can try to determine how fast those packets are transmitted.

It's dumb to assume that readBytes() actually read 4 bytes.