Selectable i2c address?

Hey guys i just ordered a i2c backpack for my 4x20 lcd because its taking up to many pins and i’m planning on getting a second lcd aswell.

The ebay says the i2c address can be changed

I2C Address: 0X20~0X27 (the original address is 0X20,you can change it yourself)

My question is how do you actually change it? i’m guessing it has something to do with shorting the A0 A1 A2 contacts but could someone explain it to me?

Thanks in advance

Good guessing :P

But without schematic, it is hard to tell what the address will be. You can run the i2c_scanner, and put a solder blob in one position of those contacts and run it again.

Add jumpers across the pads: No jumpers I2C address is : 20 A0 : 21 A1: 22 A0, A1 : 23 A2 : 24 A2, A0 : 25 A2, A1 : 26 A2, A1, A0 : 27

Thank you very much

Do you have a link where you ordered it?