Selecting a Sensor Shield Compatible with HC-05 Bluetooth Module

I'm a beginner in developing IoT projects. I'm currently working on a project that involves 2 micro-servos, each of which will provide angular movement to a laser diode mounted on a pan/tilt kit. My plan is to connect to and control the device via mobile application using a HC-05 Bluetooth Module and an Arduino UNO REV3. I have been looking into purchasing a RobotGeek Sensor Shield (, so that I can provide optimal current and voltage to the micro-servos without them being limited by the Arduino's built in regulator. I researched the HC-05 Bluetooth module and learned that there are pins designated for VCC (which will be connected to +5V), GND (which will connect to the common ground), TXD (which will connect to the microcontroller's RXD pin), RXD (which will connect to the microcontroller's TXD pin), and KEY. My question is if I were to purchase the RobotGeek Sensor Shield to fit on top of the Arduino board, would the connections on the Sensor Shield be compatible with that of the HC-05 Bluetooth Module, so that I may connect the Sensor Shield to the HC-05 Bluetooth Module with Jumper Cables?

Yes you can connect it to the sensor shield it has Rx Tx pins, but just you need to confirm one thing that some boards have the reverse connections for Rx and TX pins. there might be the least possibility that we have to connect Rx to Rx and Tx to Tx pin. but anyways it is another way around. and one more thing if you are connecting the sensors to this boards, Do confirm that these floating pins have internal pull ups or not. if not then you have to use external pullups to treat the sensor as input