Selecting arduino board

HI my name is sreeram from India .i am noob in arduino few day i was working on a project .my idea i want make a equipment which have will collect vibration data in analog,temperature in analog,sound in analog,wifi data transfer ,Bluetooth i done some ground work i never seen code for make all 5 in one aurduino .and i don;t have idea how write all 5 code combine other problem is selecting aruduino ,because i need at least 3 analog sensors

Welcome, sreeramyns,

well, first thing you need to do is learn how to communicate in english, cos boy o boy it's hard to understand you :D

If you need WIFI/Bluetooth use NodeMCU-32S, it has many analog inputs for your sensors. For programing part use Youtube. To combine few codes just copy paste them in one file. But leave only one "void setup()" and only one "void loop()".