Selecting Components Guidence

My name is Michael, and I am an electrical engineering college student. Currently, I am working in a team to create a senior design project. We decided to develop a key/remote finder. We intend to use a controller box that has buttons on it. Once one of the buttons is pressed, it will send a rf signal to one of the receivers on the key or remote. We are also going to implement a phone application to send a signal via WiFi to the controller box, which the signal will then get turned into a rf signal and sent to the receiver. Therefore, we are looking for a microcontroller and WiFi adapter components to make this possible. Like I mentioned before, we are students and we don’t know much about certain components. With a little research, we have decided to go with an Arduino Leonardo A000057. For what we know, this should suffice as the reprogrammable microcontroller for our project. We also found that we would need a WiFi shield w/AVR32 processor. My overall question is, Will these components get the job done for what we are trying to do? Also, is there anything additional that we need, could use, are missing, etc? Again, we are wanting to take a Wifi signal sent from a phone app, make the Wifi signal compatible with the microcontroller and then have our output go to a rf transmitter. Any help with suggestions, guidence and direction is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hi Michael,

I read your requests, but they are quite vague. Could you specify a "black box" list what you require?

Something like:

Mirco-controller Box requirements:

Key/Remote requirements:

Phone Application requirements:

An Inputs -> Processes -> Outputs diagram for your project would be valuable for you and your team as well. It will also encourage more responses to this thread if you posted it.

Sure that should work. Are you going to design the rf transmitter and receivers, or buy something off the shelf? There are a lot of options, 315/433Mhz unlicensed, Xbee, Bluetooth, 2.4GHz unlicensed...