selecting servo motor to my project

hai all,

i need a 360 degree rotating servo motor.

i had connected a pot to A0 PIN of ardunio. i am getting 0 to 1023 in the serial monitor. i would like to map this 0 to 1023 to 0 to 360 degree rotation. it is important that the motor can be stopped at any intermediate position given by the potentiometre value.

i have bought two stepper motor. firs one only rotates 180 degree. bt it can be stopped at any intermediate position acording to the value of potentio metre.

second one was a continues rotation servo, which rotates continusly and cannot be stopped at the middle or end.. it continues to rotate.

no please sujjest me a servo with 360 degree rotation and its position can be controlled by using map function .

also in servo knob example in arduino ide, map function is given as map(value,0,1024,0,180). ie o to 1024 is mapped to 0 to 180 degree. how can it be modified to move the 360 degree sevro from 0 to 360 degree. is it enough to give map(value,0,1024,0,360).

please help me. thanks for all previous help and support

A 1.5 turn sail winch servo like below might work for you. There are other $$$ servos that might also work.

Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking42638__Turnigy_8482_TGY_4805_1_5PA_Sail_Winch_Servo_Drum_Type.html

sir what about the code. map(value,0,1024,0,360) works.?