Selecting the PCB Tool for your projects.


We've just launched a new blog at and our first article discusses the selection of an appropriate PCB CAD Tool for Maker projects. We are going to be detailing the design of a number of projects over the coming month and the first is the design of an FPGA shield for the Arduino. It would be great to hear what CAD Tools you use and to get your feedback on the blog. We also want to share our design experience with the Arduino community so if you have any project suggestions then please let us know.


EAGLE and none else. It's not open source or free for commercial use but it has plenty of resources (part libraries, open source designs and tutorials) and is cheap.

I like Eagle also, I really like that I can put the XML files in a mercurial repo (I'm sure git is better but I can figure out how to do stuff with Python, like auto update my web after a push to the repo) and diff the changes I made.
e.g. I changed some text on my board and this is what the XML diff of the board file looks like in Mercurial

basically, I switched how my revision mark looks from 15016.1 to 15016^1 before sending it to OSHPark, which is another reason I like Eagle even more these days.

Note: sometimes the Bluehost server gets a problem and refuses to show the page but they seem to get it fixed in a few days, I don't think Python is their top priority but really I'm not complaining.