Self balancing robot using VNH3ASP30 motor driver

Hi all, I have been stuck with this problem for months.

for a self balancing robot, like what shown in video: Ultimate Guide to Make Self Balancing Robot for Beginner - - YouTube

The motor driver used is L298N Driver but Im using monster motor driver (VNH3ASP30), I am trying to change the code to work with my motor driver, but I dont know how because:

  1. code "LMotorController motorController(ENA, IN1, IN2, ENB, IN3, IN4, motorSpeedFactorLeft, motorSpeedFactorRight); " does not work on VNH3ASP30

  2. The code to control L298N do not need to declare PWM pin, but to control VNH3ASP30, PWM pin seems need to be declared.

SO how do I need to edit the original code?

reference code: balance-robot/Balance-robot.ino at master · makertut/balance-robot · GitHub

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