Self Balancing Robot with MPU6050

hello all my friends … I am from Indonesia :smiley:

At this time I would like to ask all of you who are already familiar using arduino properly.
I have wanted to create a project that is a “self balancing robot” using an arduino UNO, Adafruit motorshiled, and MPU6050 …

Now I’ve found it on google about the program (sketch) of the self balancing … but I do not know how the wiring diagram on the self balancing …
Here I found the tutorial Self balancing robot | Robotics / Electronics / Physical Computing

Can you help me to complete wiring diagram of the self blancing robot? thank you :wink:

Regards, Muhamad Andi Prasetyo

The site you linked to has a wiring diagram

As far as I can see it is the complete diagram, apart from it doesn't show power to the Arduino, but just look at how you normally power an Arduino.

oh sorry i forgot friend, I mean on the sketch .. when I compile it with arduino IDE it will bring up the following error message

sketch_feb01a.ino: 3: 20: fatal error: BButil.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

because in the sketch on the website, when I compile it always error .. is it because I do not have a library BButil.h? what next? help me .. :cry:

If you read the comments in the website, you will see this is a common question.

The author has put all the code together in one text on the screen.

You need to separate the text and save it to the appropriate file