Self balancing vehicle lowcost Arduino based

Hi everyone,

I have been building self balancing vehicles for a couple of years now. These are like a Segway but designed to be ridden like a skateboard. These had AVR based robot microcontroller boards until recently when I taught myself the basics of Arduino. This would have saved me a lot of time if I had done it earlier. I took a board to a maker faire in the UK recently and was inundated with interest. As a result I have designed a self balancing platform powerful enough to carry weight of a human that could be used as the basis of a Segway project a skateboard project or maybe a robot. I have ruthlessly cut the cost to the minimum needed to make it work, and, it is now Arduino based! Build instructions here:

People are asking me for the code so I have put it here:

Be warned, such a device if it suddenly stops can throw you off. I cannot be responsible for any inuries. On the other hand if you keep the speed below about 10mph you can jump off at a run and be fine.

Best wishes John

man that's awesome! if i had the extra money to drop on the motor controller and the IDG500 i would totally be making one...hopefully sometime soon i can.

That's pretty epic.

The Instructables page states:

I took my self-balancing skateboard to a recent Maker Faire, March 2010 Newcastle UK

Gee, talk about "recent" ...

Thanks for sharing John.

Hi, can I please get a copy of the code? I am stuck on a couple things. Thank you. Nice job!