Self-driving car, wirelessly communicating with a PC

I am trying to build a self-driving RC car, I can already detect the road, decide where to steer, and such things from my PC using Python and OpenCV.
I've connected a servo motor to my Arduino Uno and the Arduino to my PC through the USB port, then I've tried to send angle values to Arduino which correctly moves the servo.

Now I want to have a wireless communication because the car will have to be free to move around without a cable, but looking for informations I have some doubts about how to achieve that.

I need a fast enough 2-way communication because the car will have to send images from a camera along with some readings coming from sensors such as ultrasonics (not less than 5) to the PC and the PC will have to tell the car the speed and the steering angles.

I've found that all the other people who used a WiFi connection opted for the ESP8266 module, but:

  • is it possible to connect it to the PC's WiFi without another ESP8266? I read that many people say about the need for a second module, but I have not understood the reason. If I have to connect to the network through a router is fine.
  • is the ESP8266 suitable to manage the video transfer (I don't need 30fps, some less is fine too) and the other data?
    The answer to the second question is probably positive, my main concern is about the first, reading other people's projects I do not have understood how to set up the 2-way communication over WiFi with the PC.

Would the use of a Bluetooth connection be easier to communicate between the PC and Arduino and would it be suitable for my purpose? In this case, which BT module should I choose?

It all depends on your design and coding skills. Why not use a dual core ESP32, it is a lot faster and allows you to control each core. It is like a ESP8266 consuming a box of steroids.

I didn't know about the ESP32, I saw it sometimes looking for a WiFi module for Arduino. I thought it was just a shield for the ESP8266, now I've read a bit more about the ESP32 and I think that could be the right choice.
Thank you.

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