Self Healing Wire!

I have no idea where this would fit in the forum, but yeah i'm not sure how i Feel about this concept after shelling out for a soldering station! lol

I'm neutral on it.......i'll neither miss it or want it, but it looks fun to play with

self-healing polymer is very impression, but gallium liquid metal alloy. We have mercury switch also known as a mercury tilt switch for ages.

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How toxic is it?

GoForSmoke: How toxic is it?

You want to eat it? :astonished:

It looks like Gallium's not shock and horror toxic but I like to know these things before I handle anything new to me.

I don't eat copper as it is poison but I can touch it and it won't hardly get into me. It's the copper salts or certain copper salts that are worse, IIRC. Mercury is not safe to handle, is cumulative and the vapor is bad to breathe.

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