Self-Installing Arduino Package?

First I'd like to say Arduino is awesome, and I love the community - and I don't wish to take away from it in any way.

My dilemma is that for my less tech savvy users of my product, I'd like them to be able to just download my file and open it with the Arduino board plugged in. Then it would just automatically update the board with my code.

Is this possible? I can't seem to find anything on it if so, maybe I'm just using the wrong keywords. Thanks in advance!

You could write a script/program that runs avrdude to flash a compiled bin/hex file to an Arduino. Check the platform.txt and boards.txt files and use Google for the right command line options.


AWESOME! Just did some research off what you said, and that's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm new to Arduino, but not coding :wink: so this is easy enough! Thanks a lot man! I'll try to come back and get you some karma as I've already used mine in the past hour.