Self-made MKR1000 modification


I was looking very closely to the Eagle files of the MKR1000 module, and I noticed that in the second page, most of the components that show are for battery management and use. So since I really don't wanna plug any battery into it, I'd like to know if the way I'm thinking to remove those components is okay. On the second page it looks like this:

So removing all those components that would be unused if no battery was put, I'd look like this: (NOTICE I REMOVED WIFI RADIO, BUT THAT REMAINS OF COURSE)

Where the +5V Input is the main power that a PC or a Phone Charger would supply from USB.

My main doubt is what to do with that MOSFET SIA817EDJ, I really can't tell if it has to stay or not. Any help would really be appreciated, thanks.

Why remove them? They hardly take up space and resources