Self Parking Car Project

I want to create a self Parking Car project, where the distance measured from all the ultrasonic sensors are displayed in form of animation (Image Shown Below) in my laptop.

Please help me with this to create a visual imagery of the sensors input.

Please provide the steps to do it or to learn how to do it.

New to animation

Hope Having a Good Day :slight_smile:

No image shown.

Animation is not an Arduino thing.

Soujanya54321's image:

Well done teasing that out of OPs post.

OP: you can have your Arduino read the sensors and send the sensor data to a phone or PC/laptop and create the animation there.

Animation aside (and it will be a very cool thing to watch) I'm really keen to see your description in words / pseudo code of just exactly what the car will do from the moment you command it "Park please James", until it says "Done, Squire".

Seems to me (in spite of its coolness) creating the animation should come after getting the parking sorted. After all, if it can't park, all the animation is going to do is show that: it's not going to help it park.