self stabilizing platform 3 axes using arduin, imu 6050s , and 3 SERVOS

hy , i’m working on a project to control a platform with 3 servos(X Y Z), using arduino and IMU 6050s , it’s my first time i use arduino uno so i need someone to help me to generate the code ,please!!!

A decent example of how to get data from your IMU is here: Arduino Playground - MPU-6050
The servos can be moved using the Servo library, or you can just set a PWM signal manually. Examples for this are quite abundant and simple.

Please be more specific about what you want to know though. From your post I'm getting the feeling you'd like someone to write your entire code ;-). If you have no programming experience at all, i don't think this is the right project to be your first. Good luck!

Been thinking about an AVR-based stabilizing platform for a while, for a project of my own. I am some weeks from having the time to work on it. I am curious about the dimensions of your platform and the response speed you anticipate. Sounds fun!

i want to use kalman filter for this application , have a look at this : Self-Stabilizing Platform using Arduino, Accelerometer and Gyroscope. - YouTube
i want do the same project in this link !! is there any suggesion ?

You could look for stabilized gimbals that is used in drones. More info and links: