self stabilizing platform using MPU6050 and 2 servo's

Hi,i want to make a self stabilizing platform with arduino uno r3,Mpu6050 and 2 servo's.

I am using the DMP6 sketch by jeff rowberg to get the yaw pitch roll values.Now should i provide these values(but of opposite polarity) directly to the servo motor, in order to compensate any change in tilt?

I have also observed that when i give the yaw pitch roll values directly to the servos,they mimick the mpu 6050 motion to i think 90 degrees and then rotate in the opposite direction for another 90 degrees and so on. Why is it so?

Thanks for your attention

Is the MPU6050 attached to the outputs of the servos or to the platform on which the servos rest?

Since you have only two servos, which two of the three axes are you stabilizing?

MPU6050 is attached to the platform.Any changes to the platform is to be compensated by the servo's.I want to stabilize the platform around roll and pitch axis.

Are the values obtained from the DMP in MPU6050 needed to be again calculated using the arctan formulae?