Self sustained Real Time Arduino Yun Twitter Ticker Project

Hi everyone.

I am working on a project that has some challenging obstacles and I am coming to you all for guidance. I am new to arduino and my experience is limited so feel free to speak in lamens terms. My project’s goal is to create an LED matrix that displays tweets from wifi in realtime. Here is a list of what I have for hardware:

Arduino Yun
Arduino Mega 2560
Ethernet shield
10 8x8 LED matrices
12000 mAh USB power bank - 2 outputs 5v @ 1A & 5v @ 2.1A
16gb MicroSD

Twitter Auth and app created on twitter’s API
Python script that filters tweets by using a keyword (e.g. cars)
LED library

I am not sure how to marry it all together. From my understanding, the yun has 2 processors, 1 Linux and 1 for Arduino. I need to install the python script on the linux side, bridge it to the arduino and print the string using the LED library.

Another concern is the power output. The Yun uses 3.3V and will not power the LED matrices, this example shows that I can add an external 5V to the LEDs. I am not finding much info on how to exactly do that. Has anyone successfully done this?

I hope this was clear and any help would be gratefully appreciated.