Self Sustaining Terrarium

I stumbled across a cool product - a self sustaining terrarium:

Essentially, it will take readings from the enclosed environment on humidity, temperature and light and self adjust accordingly. This creates the perfect climate for tropical vegetation to exist. I love the concept and hate the aesthetic of the product, plus it carries an insane price tag! I'd like to design and craft my own with a vintage victorian feel. The tricky part here is to hide the mechanics of environmental control so that they don't impact the overall vibe; everything needs to be small and easy for me to hide inside the terrarium.

I'm wondering how difficult it would be to do 3 things:

  1. Read temperature and adjust a heating element so that a constant temp can be maintained
  2. Read humidity and automatically cause a "spritzer" to mist when needed
  3. Discreetly wire several waterproof LED's that will maintain a lighting pattern appropriate to the necessary light schedule

Any advice would be very helpful! Thank you!

You should definitely be able to use Arduino technology to build one of those - a victorian/jules verne/steam punk look would certainly compliment the concept. I take it that this is not intended to be an isolated micro-ecosystem, but rather an openable device, right?

Start with building each system independently: heat, humidity and lighting.

Temperature and Humidity can be read using DHT22.

Switching on a spritzer can be done using a Relay or Transistor.

To keep the light schedule, you might need a RTC.