Self Timing Candle

So I want to produce a candle where the fire on the wick gets blown after a certain period of time through some sort of self timer. I could code this into the arduino chip I guess? I'm wondering what type of low voltage fan I should use? Maybe I should buy a 5 volt fan off

I'm prototyping this candle as a semester long project at my university in the United States. I'm a graphic designer by skillset so I'm learning about all this hardware on the fly. Does anyone have any ideas to accomplish. I mocked up a quick prototype in illustrator. This explains my ideas visually.

Here is a google doc file that I'm constantly updating for research purposes.

What does everyone think about this? I just want the wick to be blown out after set period of time! I think I can do this using a little computer fan!

Has your instructor agreed that this is an appropriate semester project for a university level course?

Making a fan come on after a configured delay is a five minute project - I suppose you could stretch it to a couple of hours as a novice. An Arduino is overkill - you could just as easily do it with a couple of quid's worth of analog electronics. Heck, you can probably buy an electronic egg timer that will do the job for you. I suspect you're over-estimating the effectiveness of the fan if you think it's going to blow out a candle, though.

I'm not sure how you think this is going to earn you any academic credit, but if it does it's not going to be very much.