self- watering plant (sensor)

Hi everyone!
Can someone help me! Newbie here, and I don't have any experience about this, just a project in our school and must be bluetooth operated.
I'm trying to make a self-watering plant, bluetooth operated. I want to receive data from arduino to my smartphone using bluetooth which is the soil moisture percentage, and to water the plant through phone. Is my project possible to make?

What a daft project. That's like training your dog to call you when intruders enter your home, so you can call them back and bark at them over the phone.

If you water the plant by giving commands with the iphone, it will not be "self-watering".

Seems like an incredibly complicated way to achieve a very simple result.
All a self watering plant needs is a moisture sensor and a water source and a small water pump.
I dont understand where the need for bluetooth or a smartphone fits in.
What kind of plant is involved.
Will the plant be in a garden or in a pot of some kind.
What type of moisture sensor will be used.