Sell a product with Arduino board ?

Hello !

I would like to know if it is possible to sell a product which contains an arduino board ? Same question if I use libraries ?

Thanks for your answers !


It would probably be a better bet (for cost purposes if nothing else) to built the AVR chip into your product and use the arduino coding to program it. The code is open source, as is the hardware but the Arduino name might be in dispute.

The cheaper options would be, as said, to integrate the microcontroller in your own circuit.
Though there is nothing stopping you from putting an arduino in each unit of the prodct you’re making. You won’t even have to worry about legalities… its a legit use (its a part, you don’t advertise your product as a whole as being ‘arduino’).

Not any difference in that your free to buy and use a AVR chip in your product without requiring any permission or notification (?)


Thanks for your answers !
In fact, products I would like to sell is for only 2 or 3 clients but with a good markup. When I see the price of a duemilanove, It is too expensive for me to built my own board !!!

A piece of veroboard/stripboard and some solder is enought, you just need to to put the atmega, the crystal, the caps for the crystal and some decoupling caps, and of course a 5v source, if needed use one lm7805, all that should cost about 5-6?.

Just a reminder that Arduino has a bootloader, which will make a couple second delay when turned on, which will be worse if you use usb cable to power it.

I would use a pretty box (hint:red) to make it look good and expensive. Use hot glue or cable organizers and hide all your wires.

I would start learning printed circuit board design just in case I need to produce more than just a few. It’s so much better (sturdy, no messy wire jumpers, professional looking).

Just for reference, this question is covered in the Arduino FAQ:, “Can I build a commercial product based on Arduino?”