Semester project

I have a robotics project for my final semester,i want to make a projectile motion with rotating base.I want to use two stepper motors,one to rotate the base and one for the cannon that fires the projectile, and control them using arduino uno.i wanted to ask how is possible to control these steppers,can i use the 412 arduino shield to control two stepper motors or this shield is used to control only one motor?also i want to control the motors with computer keyboard bottons(the arrows up,down,left,right.the arrows up and down for a motor and arrows left and right for the other motor).please can you help me?

Your project is feasible but what is the 412 arduino shield, do you have a link?

the 412 sheild has 4 buttons and a joystick. a game controller really.

right/left could be your axis and up/down could be elevation.

or, you could use the joystick as both rotation and elevation and then the buttons as fire.

why not put a claxton sound as the 'warning-ready to fire' a few seconds before the shot ?

Hazardsmind i want to ask you how can i comnect the stepper motors to arduino uno and what electronic component do i need to drive the two stepper motors?and can you help me also in the programming because i'm new to arduino
And dave-in-nj can you tell me how can i connect the stepper motors to the 412 shield and to program it on arduino.
Thank you both guys

Instead of purchasing a shield, you could also use a newly bought or used Wii Nunchuck controller, and connect 4 jumper cables into the nunchuck connectors. * see picture attached*

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10x goldfile for the suggestion but i don't think that i can get this controller.

Why can't you get a nunchuck controller? The cheapest I have see them go for is $5?

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First i want to ask you nunchuck if i can use it to drive two stepper motors and control them on arduino and second i want to ask you where can i get such a controller?
10x again

To simply answer your question:
Yes, I have seen people do it, and even make self balancing segway robots etc.

You can find wii nunchucks at (If you live in australia, which you probably don’t) EBGames, or your local game store.
You can also get them off Ebay cheaply, I will give you a link:

this one is actually $1.66!

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Goldfile can you tell me how can i drive the motors with something other than this nunchuck controller

I am pretty sure you can drive it wirelessly and using the internet, with either a GSM Shield or a Ethernet shield.or you could look at something like this:

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this one is actually $1.66!

Well, no, it isn’t - that is the problem with eBay “prices” - it is actually $4.15 Australian.

Not too bad and I might just consider one for experimentation. :smiley:

First i want to ask you nunchuck if i can use it to drive two stepper motors

The answer to this is NO. To control /drive motors you need a motor shield. The standard motor shield will drive/control two normal motors or one stepper. Look in the products section here for the motor shield and in the playground for examples of how to use it. The are other shields which can control 4 normal motors or two steppers.

  1. Your nunchuk/joystick/412 or what ever is used to provide information to the arduino which then controls the motors via the motor shield.

  2. Look at using two servos instead with a pan and tilt head. mount the cannon on the pan and tilt head. Servos are very easy to use again look in the playground.