SEMI-URGENT: Arduino Uno has BIG connection issues!

Hello, all you beautiful people!

I'm working on a project in sub-Saharan Africa, and am in a tad of a rush (less than 2 weeks).

Here's my situation: I bought my Arduino Uno as the OFFICIAL Starter Pack (so no Arduino lookalike). It worked well for several months, but about a week ago when I was using it and coding (so no hardware tampering!), it suddenly disconnected, an error popped up on my PC claiming “The USB device you connected might not be working properly. Windows doesn’t recognize it.”

Ever since then, when I try to plug it in, the Arduino doesn’t show up in my PC’s Device Manager at all.

I can put it into DFU mode. When I do so, it shows up as “Unknown Device” on my PC’s Device Manager. That should mean my board and my cable are okay at least, and there are issues with the USB-to-serial chip - in my case, it's ATmega16U2. (Is that a right conclusion to make?)

I’ve even tried Updating the Drivers on the Unknown Device, using Arduino Uno drivers stored in my default Arduino folder, but I get a "This Device Cannot Start. (Code 10)" error every time I try that.

I’ve tried unplugging the RX/TX pins as well (as I had a Bluetooth module and a WiFi module plugged into pins 0, 1, 2, and 3, and thought that might be causing ruckus), but nothing changed.

Please, would you recommend any solution to this?

PS: My microchip is the classic Arduino Uno ATmega328P-PU, if mentioning that makes any difference.

Can you tell whether the board is still correctly running the last sketch you programmed into it?

What else was connected to the board? A schematic might be useful in that case.

Hiya! Thanks for your response. So... this is my shitty attempt at trying to draw what I've built, basically - I'm a beginner so I don't know how to draw those fancy schematics just yet. All the reds go to 5V, except the WiFi module which goes to 3.3V. The black is ground, of course.

Ooh. Good question. I'd say probably not, because the sketch was sending sensor data to the Serial monitor. And if USB-to-Serial is messing up, then I can't imagine it working properly. Or am I wrong when making that assumption?

Thats a lot of sensors, and libraries, the SD card and display libraries in particular can take a lot of space\memory.

With it all running how much free memory do you have ?

Please research the maximum current needed by the WIFI module and how much current is available form the Arduino.

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