Semtech LoRa SX1278 SX1276 module DRF1278F communicates with Arduino Mega2560

Background information: The SX127x family with LoRa™ provides significant benefits for range, robust performance, and battery lifetime compared to competing technologies. When combined with the LoRa™ concentrator from Semtech, superior system performance can be achieved by extending the range, increasing the capacity of the network, improving battery lifetime, and robustness to interference.

Key Features: 168 dB maximum link budget +20 dBm - 100 mW constant RF output vs. V supply +14 dBm high efficiency PA Programmable bit rate up to 300 kbps High sensitivity: down to -146.5 dBm 100 dB blocking immunity Low RX current of 10 mA, 200 nA register retention

DRF1278F is a RF front-end module based on RFIC SX1278. It keeps the main features of SX1278 but simplifies the design of RF circuit, users only need to connect the module with antenna and neccessary I/O ports to any of Arduino platform to experience the long-range communication distance (3~4KM). The super penetrating ability makes the module very suitable to construct a home network with Arduino board as central controller. The attached codes are written for Arduino Mega2560.

  1. Datasheet 2.Arduino Codes based on Mega2560

Hi, have you tested your code with the inAir9 SX1276 breakout board yet? It requires a 3.3V Arduino board. See

If you want to test your code with this module, and post your results on this forum, we can send you a free inAir9 sample module.

@modtronix_com, Dorji is the developer/seller of the modules he is advertising.

I'm sure he will take free stuff from a competitor :)

We (my partner and I ) are developing an Arduino-based M2M application using an SX1276-based product and would be more than happy to accept your kind offer.

Our application is a GPS long range tracker using the pair of SX1276 as a serial bridge for GPS location data, received and deciphered by (eventually) an Arduino smartphone.

Hi there. I'm using a DRF1278DM, does the code still apply? I'm aware it's a Data Radio Modem and not a RF front end like yours. Is there some code I can adapt? Also I'm using Arduino Uno instead of Mega.

I'm new to this please be gentle :x

How to Connect semtech SX1276 and arduino uno for LPWAN communication? Click on the link below for SX1276 pictures :