SEN-09199 Piezo Vibration Sensor

Hello everybody i am pretty new in the arduino business:-). For every part I was using so far I found a tutorial from someone in this forum. Thanks for that for a beginner this is a really helpful thing. Now Ive ordered another arduino beginner set. The set has a little piezo vibration sensor included. Iam not sure how to connect this little piece correctly. There are several tuts on the net but they are all different some say that I have to use a diode some not. So im a little bit confused right now. I ordered it at Maybe someone can give me a hint how to wire it correctly. I dont wan`t to crash my lovely new arduino board heheheh.

Thanks for the help
Greetings from Vienna


The sensor will produce positive and negative signals so you need at least one diode. Connect one end of the sensor to ground and the other to the anode of a diode. The cathode connect to the arduino analogue input and also to a 0.1uF capacitor with the other end to ground.

This is the simplest way to do it, You might have to mount the sensor on a motor with an off centre load to get a decent signal from it.

Thanks for your help, i now use an accelerometer, it looks like it is easier and more reliable