SEn118A2b Temperature Sensor help?

I bought this sensor because it looks like the head can be submerged in water and get a reading. The big question I have is that it only has 2 leads…so I’m guessing one for PWR and one for GND. The only temperature sensors I’ve seen had 3 pins…like the LM35.

I’m confused as to how I can read temperature with this thing…any ideas?

I think it's a variable resistor, like a light sensor, which also has two wires. Here's a light sensor tutorial: with a wiring schematic halfway down under "analog voltage reading method"

According to the datasheet you linked, it's a resistor that varies it's resistance according to the temperature.

At -25 degrees C it has 133K ohms.

At 125 degrees C it has .3K ohms.

So, you hook it up voltage divider style to an analog input. is a general hookup diagram, but this part has a 133K top resistance, and I can't figure out what the max current for it is.