Send a Byte to PC from Arduino Ethernet Shield

Hi, I am new to Arduino and I want to create my first Ethernet project where Arduino will be acting as Node and PC will be acting as Server and collecting information from all nodes. Which examples should I refer to do the settings of Arduino as node?

There are two protocols:
UDP: Send a short message blindly to a port. It will be fast but only probably get there.
TCP: Establish a connection between ports. Bytes sent in one end will come out the other, in the same order they were sent. Delivery may be delayed but until the connection fails or is closed the delivery is guaranteed.

UDP is good for stuff where the order of messages is not critical and it is better to drop a message than to delay (like voice or video). TCP is better for moving large amounts of data that has to arrive in order, like sending a file.

When you say “acting as a Node” you probably mean “acting as a Client”. Every machine on the network is a Node. The machine that establishes a connection (like a web browser) is a Client. The machine that waits for a Client to connect to it is a Server.

If you are sending short messages you will either want to use UDP where each message is sent separately or add a protocol over TCP to mark the beginning and end of messages since what comes out the other end is just a stream of bytes.