Send a file from matlab to Arduino (en-esp)

hi, I need to send a file from my laptop to a board via I2C so I have thought:

using matlab send it to an arduino (uno) via USB

and from Arduino to the board via I2C

I just need Arduino to send the data as it is received

I am quite new with Arduino so all your help will be welcome!!

buenas, busco mandar un archivo desde mi ordenador a una tarjeta en I2C y para ello habia pensado usar un arduino uno

primero mandar el archivo desde mi ordenador al arduino por USB

y de ahi mandarlo a la otra tarjeta

no necesito que el arduino haga nada, solo que mande lo que reciba

soy bastante nuevo usando arduino asi que cualquier ayuda sera bienvenida!!!

the file is .apc and I can read it on matlab as a string and send it

Rather than using an Arduino (and having to program it in addition to writing the matlab code to send the data) you could use the Bus Pirate. That is a device that is designed to connect a computer to low level serial lines like I2C and SPI.

With this device, you would only need to connect it to your computer and then program matlab to use the bus pirates command language to tell it to take your data and send it out on the I2C port.

Here is a bit of information about the Bus Pirate.