Send a Midi CC note, please help

Hi, Im a total newbie here.

If anyone know how to send a midi cc note i would realy like some help.
ive spend a lot of time trying to find sketches on the internet but with no lock.

I have a guitar pedal with i can program some control´s via a midi cc note sendt to it.
so what i need is to program a digital input and when i triggers i need the arduino to send a midi cc note.
I have made the midi connector with the resistor and so on.

Thanks .

how to send a midi cc note

No such MIDI message. It is either a note message or a CC message you can't have both. This function will send a CC message:-

void controlSend(byte CCnumber, byte CCdata) {
  byte CCchannel = channel | 0xB0; // convert to Controller message

Note that channel is a global variable, set it to zero for MIDI channel 1.

Okay, i do not much about midi, and all ive been asking about dosnt know anything other than notes and program change.
But thanks i see if i can get it to work :slight_smile: