Send a Reset through Xbee from Coordinator to Router

I have a question I'm hoping someone might discuss with me.

Project: I have started a project where I have connected several photodiodes onto an Arduino using a Xbee shield and Mux shield to detect light intensity as well as a motor that rotates a dome where all the photodiodes are connected to. Everything is working perfectly. The data that I have programmed to collect is being transmitted and received perfectly through the Xbees S2 modules; Arduino/MuxShield/Router AT(Transmitter) to Coordinator AT(Receiver)/Serial connection/Python.

Question: I'd like to set up or possible code something where I can send a reset. Sometimes the Motor stalls or perhaps I might need to replace a photodiode. I would like to send a reset from the Coordinator to the Router. Anyone have any idea on how I could send that or possibly program that? Is it something I can configure within the Xbees?. So that whenever I press a button or a key on my PC I can send a reset from the Coordinator (connected on my computer) to Reset the Router (Connected to Power Source). I was thinking "Processing" would be a good solution to this instead of Python, but I'm not sure. Any Ideas.

What do you mean by “send a reset”? What needs to be reset? What do you think you are going to send to make that happen?

I honestly I don't even know. I guess some sort of interrupt. So this is the scenario, I want to put the router somewhere on the roof of a building connected with a bunch of sensors. The coordinator will be connected to my computer through serial connection running on python. So what I'd like to do, if let's say something happens to the motor and it stops rotating, is find a way to reset the router and the entire mechanism without actually physically going to the roof and resetting it. I'd like to reset the router through the coordinator 'send some sort of reset'. Is that even possible?.

I've been thinking about it but I can't wrap my mind around it how I would figure this out. I was thinking maybe set up a External Reset or Interrupt Button on another Arduino programmed and configured with the Coordinator so that whenever I press the reset it will send some sort of byte to reset the Router on the roof. What do you think?