send and receive data from an analog sensor via IR

Dear community,
I want to send and receive data from an analog FSR-sensor via IR. The distance is about 8cm.

Did anybody already tried this?

thanks for any help!

First off I must ask why? 8cm is not that far.

Second is to ask if you want to do it in an analogue or digital fashion. If it is digital then you have to have some electronics to perform the D/A conversion and convert this into a pulse code to send to an IR emitter. This will need powering.

An analogue method is easer to implement but will suffer from interference from extraneous light. Even though it is an IR sensor it will still react to visible light.

Well, I´ve to transmit for an art installation work the pressure, that people use to open a door. The FSR-sensor is in the door element (which one is moved by opening and closing the door). The receiver (and an Arduino) should be placed in the door frame.

Because of this I thought about IR, bluetooth or FM tranmission. But finally I want to keep things as easy as possible.-

By the way it is not just one FSR-sensor but 8. Anyway I plan to connect them in series. So I´ve only one channel to transmit.-

thanks Grumpy_Mike for answering.-


Ok in that case I would feed the force sensors into an NE555 so that the force changes the oscillation frequency. Then Feed the output to an IR emitter.

At the Arduino end have a photo transistor feeding into a digital input (common emitter configuration) and use pulseIn() to measure the pulses you are getting. Then use a look up table to convert pulseIn() to the values you want to use.

Sorry I have no schematics but you should be able to piece that together with a bit of a web search.

Hm.- I don´t know if I get this think working.- But before I start to do a web search. One problem came into my mind. If a put the FSR-sensors in series - a data can only be transmitted if all of them are active. Otherwise the resistance of the non-used ones is about a few mOhm.

Probably I should use an AD for the 8 channels and then try to find a way to transmit the 8 channels.-

best, fränk

Put them in parallel, they change rapidly when force is applied.

Anyway how are you going to mount them so that you measure force from an opening door?

Are the sensors on the door and they push the sensors?