Send and receive IR-Codes at the same time

I want to make an infrared(ir) based lasertag-system on the arduino uno. For that i need a method to send and receive ir codes at the same time (or at least with a very small delay between send and receive, <10ms). If that’s not the case, you couldn’t receive(=get hit) any signals when you send some, which means you would be practically invincible when you shoot in full-auto mode.
I tried to do it myself with the IRremote and IRMP but with little success.

So my Question: Is there a way to send and receive ir at the same time from one arduino?

Emitted IR can be reflected and received also by the sender side. If multiple shooters send IR codes at the same time the result will be a tohubohu.

Unlike other networks an IR receiver can not report the receipt of a code (ACK) to the sender, because the direction where to send that ACK is unknown.

Why do you want to use IR at all?

You could use 433MHz data for the hit reply.