Send and receive serial data from W5500 on Arduino

I am New to using W5500 and would like to make myself a simple ethernet Node of arduino

just send data entered in serial monitor to ethernet to pc and

receive the data from ethernet or PC in form of string like a serial communication does

how do i code something like this i will be having multiple Nodes of Arduino ethernet like this and all are connected to a Switch through ethernet and switch uplink is connected to Raspberry Pi

and Raspberry pi acts as a server and Arduino nodes as clients

arduino sends data to Rpi and RPI checks database and Responds back

i want to switch to ethernet as serial communication is slow and need a response within a second (Which takes 3 Seconds for Whole Process)

and want to set my Mac Address Manually by a DIP Switch called once in setup

just want to create function to send data and receive data in form of serial

and i don't want to use a serial to ethernet adapter

Can anyone please help me code it and also could use examples from others as i have never used W5500