Send arduino data to Google Form using GSM Sim900a

Good day! Is it possible to send or update arduino data to Google Form using GSM Sim900a? If possible can anyone help me with the code and give me the right library to use. im using arduino mega 2560. thank you so much!

What does it mean to send data to google?
Need to clarify what iP communication you need to do, protocol,etc

Also you can use google to do your homework and look for ideas. You'll easily find GET or POST examples

Thank you for your time. It is to send data (temperature, humidity, etc.) from Arduino to Google Docs Spreadsheet to be specific. I'm trying to update a Google Docs Spreadsheet (through google form) using a gsm/gprs sim900a module via AT command (not sure though).
Below is the blank Google form one would usually fill in and submit:

and the spreadsheet:

I found a video in YouTube Sending Data from Arduino Uno Board to Google Docs Spreadsheet Using Arduino GSM Shield - YouTube and I believed that I can send data using gsm/gprs sim900a module. However, codes were not posted. Most of the codes posted are using ethernet/wifi module to send data to google but I want to use gsm/gprs sim900a due to limited internet connection in my place.

How old is that vidéo? i think google changed the security settings for accessing google docs documents so you need to find out about that .

Establishing a tcp-ip connexion is device dependent but then pushing data is somewhat the same, sending info into that stream. Just get the library recommended for your shield, it will have the necessary functions to start a tcp connection

Have you checked this article for indirect upload or this one for direct push

Thanks for the replies and ideas, i already stopped my project because i really had hard time with this project and it seems impossible. i'm now using arduino yun to send data to google docs :slight_smile: Thank you.