Send AT commands to esp8266

Can anyone suggest me a method to send AT commands to esp8266 using Arduino UNO(NB: I don’t have anyother USB to TTL converter).

Flasher tool is not working properly.


Well, you have to write a sketch which sends the commands to the serial port and does something with the reply.

Of course with a UNO, you only have one hardware serial port, so you have to allocate it either to the internal USB interface, or your ESP8266 (using a level converter). You could use the Software Serial library to operate the ESP8266 separately, but people do not seem to find it very effective.

If you are asking how to use the UNO - or just its USB interface - to “pipe” the data between your PC and the ESP8266, well there is a way but I would advise you instead to simply wait for your USB adapter to arrive.