Send Audio data to PC via Serial/Network


I'm brand new to arduino and wanted to make a project where i can use a microphone connected to Arduino (am open to what boards to use, i currently have Uno and Yun) and then via Serial/WiFi or Ethernet, i want to pass the audio to the PC.


  1. What do i need to do to capture audio from the arduino? Do i need to code/write a pre-amp or do i need some special component?
  2. Can i send the data via serial.print to the serial port?
  3. Any help on how to process the audio on the PC side? I'm assuming that i'll grab the raw audio and pass it to the PC's sound card for processing and output?

I'm a programmer from my background so hardware/DSP is new to me.

My project is something of a walkie-talkie thing where eventually i want to be able to pass audio from the PC to the arduino as well.

can any of the arduino boards accomplish this task or am i better off going Beagle/Raspberry?


Can, you can... Question is how prepared you really are to do it ! Some of the questions and doubts you shown lead me to know that it wont be as easy as you might have thought! So, it will surely take longer, much longer than you expected. You want to send raw adc reading ?! How are you gonna process them in the PC side of it ?! Do you expect it in any specific format?! If so, how will you convert it between both ?! How good are you with serial protocol ?! How good are you with the OS environment you use ?! Start there, maybe, by filling the gaps ?! :)

1-ADC reading ?! Some sampling techniques and basics background is imperative for good results ! 2-yes... Not sure if this would match your requirements for quality audio , as opposed to USB transfer though... 3- Uhhhhhh, now that is a long ask, i say !! People pay good money for that !! lol If you dont have a clue, no matter how much people might try, you still have a lot of work to do yourself before you can grasp it entirely !

So, my advice would be " better crack on with it, and start researching and learning !! Maybe ?

Well, it looks like the best option for me at this point is to choose a different board/platform. Rpi and/or bbb look promising..atleast till such time that arduino tre comes along. Thanks for the reply, ill post back if i make more progress here.

I believe you are a little confused if you put rpi and arduino at the same level.... They are not simply two different devices, they represent two separate families of devices: btw, you still need to sample the input, process and format it and send it to wherever you want to process it ;)

Was gonna say the same : That wont solve your problem of sampling the data outside and getting it into the rpi. If anything id say it will be more complicated if you have to do it from scratch, from my experience !